Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review


After watching all the YouTube videos of bloggers reviewing the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, I’ve decided to buy & try it out myself.

I got #1 Brown and #3 Grey Brown.

Price I bought at: S$8.90

I’m not sure how much it costs in the actual stores in SG (in Korea it retails for 8000 won?) but I guess it’s at least S$15 or more. Certain overseas sites also has affordable Korean products, like (I’m in no way affliated to them, I just randomly googled and it popped out)

Being the auntie-at-heart (wanting the best deals), of course I went to scout out deals at Carousell and Qoo10 in Singapore. I was initially planning to just buy a lightly-tested tint on Carousell since you know, I’m just trying it out anyway, but sellers were pricing it at $8+ and I saw Qoo10 selling brand new ones at around $10, so of course I went for the latter.

This is the link at Qoo10 which I bought from: Etude House Gel Tint

For a quick guide to buying on Qoo10, please click for my guide to Qoo10:

Well to me, shipping at S$2.90 for such small items is rather expensive so I decided to buy 2 pieces to “average out” the shipping fees since it’s the same fee in this case (sometimes items are charged individual shipping fees).

I used the cart discount to offset shipping so well, shipping is FREE!!!!!!

I don’t know why I always feel happy when I manage to buy something at a cheaper price. I’m sure the same item is being sold more expensive in Singapore’s Etude House stores. ^.^

Ok here’s the review, finally:


Left: Grey Brown, Right: Brown

The product has a jelly-like consistency and smells pleasant.

I’ve only tested it on my hand so far but from what I understand, you’re supposed to:

  • Apply thickly so it’s easier to peel off
  • Have eyebrows trimmed, clean and free of makeup
  • Peel off from ends of eyebrow (ie outside in) so you don’t pull out so much of the hairs

I like both colours so far, shall come back to comment again once I’ve tried it on my brows!


So over the weekend I tried out #3 Grey Brown, however since I still have remnants of eyebrow embroidery the tint’s colour isn’t very obvious.. I regret my embroidery with a slipshod beautician but ah, thankfully it’s not permanent. See brows below (it’s rather pigmented as my brows are twice as dark as normal):


Interestingly though, both tints on my hand faded to the same brown colour, so it’s a matter of preference for the shade you’d like during the fading process – since they’ll still end up the exact same shade at the end.

All roads lead to Rome, eh? lol



3 thoughts on “Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review

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    Thanks, can’t wait to see more from you


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