Qoo10.sg – Buying and Others


Being the lazy girl I am, I definitely enjoy shopping at the convenience of home – no need to dress up, look pretty or step out of the house – why not right? It’s very much likely to be cheaper too!

And this is the website I go to for my cheap items:


Qoo10 tint

Qoo10 has this interesting system where the price you see is often not the final price you pay. You’ll choose the Model/Color/Add On options by clicking the drop-down box and they will auto populate the price of the item. Here it’s S$8.90 for 1. Then after you click “Go Group Buy” and at the payment page they will add in the shipping fee, which here it’s S$2.90.

Oh! From time to time Qoo10 offers Time Sales”, “Daily Sales” and “Group Buy” items so if you’re not in a hurry you may wait for such deals.

Well to me, shipping at S$2.90 for small items may be rather expensive you can either buy more to “even out” the shipping fees UNLESS the items are charged individual shipping fees.

Or, you may check out the “One Shipping Group” for other items sold by the seller to ride on the shipping. But it’s sometimes frustrating as not every seller carry all the items you want. Oh well.


You can also click on the Customer Review tab to see the comments of people who had bought the item before to see how they found it to be like. Do note that sometimes they comment before they even use it. lol.

This is because Qoo10 rewards buyers for reviews – 1 stamp for them to use in other purchases.

This is how to Order:qoo2

Oh! before I forget, there are also coupons to offset the prices. There are usually 2 types:

  • Item Discount (usually S$1 for single order at least S$10)
  • Cart Discount (usually ranging from S$2 – 5 for a final discount for cart total of S$20-50 depending on conditions)



Certain sale items (I think daily or time sales ones) are not eligible for coupon discounts so do check before paying!

To earn free coupons you can either click random pop-ups they have, or go to the Q-lounge:



Just click on attendance card, or if you have an order, click PLAY and good luck on your “prize”! You can then use this for your next purchase.

Payment is a breeze as you can pay through Credit/Debit Card or even ibanking (if you are located in SG).

Let me know if you have more questions! I will be likely to post up more buys from this site.



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