Kinepin Double Eyelid Fibre Review

I was born with single eyelids, which made me look fierce and tired though the bitch resting face isn’t truly my mood at that moment. Yeah I know, the Western world adores “Phoenix eyes”, a good example being Sang In from the Asia’s Next Top Model:Sang In

However I guess many girls especially Asians can identify – it’s not like I’m going to be a supermodel (or that I can be one) so having an “exotic and unique” single eyelids or prominent cheekbones and jaws doesn’t really appeal to me.

Anyway in my quest for nice double eyelids I’ve tried double eyelid tapes and glues, and I guess glue worked better than tapes but I got lazy and sometimes would just use a plastic eyelid fork (or even toothpick) to create a tiny crease that will last a day if I’m lucky.

Some time back I was buying bulky items from Taobao (, a China website owned by Jack Ma, so I also purchased this “Kinepin Double Eyelid Fibre”.

For those who cannot read Mandarin, Jack Ma also owns Alibaba which carries this brand as well, among many other things. Link is here: Kinepin Double Eyelid.

I can’t rave enough about Taobao and the tremendous savings I’ve had buying from there. From lights, furniture, kitchen & toilet fittings to clothes, accessories, and even cosmetics and food, they have EVERYTHING. But I digress. That will be for another post.

Ok anyway back to the topic, what on earth is a Kinepin Double Eyelid Fibre?


As shown above, it is a card with many sticks that you pull one out, then pull apart and fix upon where your natural crease would be, if you were to have one.


Step 1: Pull stick apart to reveal the transparent fibre sticker below.

Step 2 -3: Place the fibre on the expected crease and stick well.

Step 4-6: Trim away the extra bits at both ends, and use the eyelid fork to tuck in the fibre into the crease. Done!

Verdict: I find that my double eyelids are pretty and natural, and will stick on for many hours by using this product. However, if you already have double eyelids but just have a tiny part you want to deepen the crease, I recommend you stick with the glue or tape version.

For all versions, please please please do not simply pull it out at the end of the day. Do place cotton pads (with makeup remover) over the eyes to soften the glue before gently removing these stickers.

Remember the golden rule: skin around our eyes is very fragile and prone to sagging. So do take care of them! In fact even if we are putting eye creams we should be patting it lightly with our ring fingers, rather than rubbing it across.

Have a nice day then!


5 thoughts on “Kinepin Double Eyelid Fibre Review

    • Oh! I saw it off Taobao (China shopping website) and knew I must get it. Haha!

      It’s indeed better than eyelid tape and glue, although with this it’s harder to customize, say if you only want a certain section done.

      Anyway I used it for a couple of times during special occasions, then something happened and I didn’t need to use it anymore. 😉

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