Hair Rebonding DIY – Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Review

I’m so excited to share this find with you, cause it really works and it’s cheap!

Ever since I discovered the beauty of online shopping, I’ve been shunning the brick and mortar shops for my purchases. Previously it was shopping at sites like Ebay, then it became Qoo10 and TaoBao.

After all, why pay at least 50% more for shop owners to pay rent when I can save that for more hauls? lol. Not to mention that it’s so easy to shop online, and easier to make decisions as such sites have buyer reviews – with pictures even – for me to make more informed decisions.

Well back to the source of my excitement:

Shiseido Crystallizing Straightening Cream!

IMG_3153From Qoo10’s Ka Ra Shop.

Price: S$40 for a set that can last 2 rebonding at least, or 1 rebonding session with 2-3 roots touch-ups.

According to the seller this product is the same cream used in professional salons.

tl;dr: Get this if you want nice straight hair at the comfort of home!

For many babes with naturally unruly hair,  Rebonding (making your hair pencil straight and manageable) is a godsend especially before soft curls got so popular. Usually people will go to a salon and pay about S$100 – 400 (US$75 – 300) for one session, and people usually do touch-ups at least once a year.

I don’t know about Caucasians, but this is a pretty usual thing to do among Asians (alongside Japanese and Korean C-Curls and S-Perms). I alternate between rebonding and perming every year cause I’m fickle just like that :p

So on a whim I carted out the Shiseido Crystallizing Straight pack (H1) to DIY. Then again, I had an elf to help me out ^.^

I selected the H1 pack based on my hair strand type:
Thin, damaged, bleached = N set
Thick & Coarse, wavy, curly = H set

Pack contains 1) Straightening cream and 2) Neutraliser.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Apply Straightening Cream evenly to hair and leave it for 25-40mins.
  2. Wash off and blow-dry. KEEP COMBING STRAIGHT. This process will rearrange your hair structure.
  3. Apply Neutraliser and leave it for 20mins. Wash off with mild shampoo on scalp and you are done 🙂

The general tips are to apply both creams evenly (they should be used in roughly equal proportions), and if possible do section the hair so every part can be applied. To condition the hair it’s also recommended to use hair mask a few days before doing this, and right after washing off the neutraliser with shampoo.

And here are my results! I didn’t want dead-straight hair (and I don’t have a professional ceramic hair straightener either) so i only did the combing at step 2. I also left the cream on for longer than 40 mins but luckily nothing bad happened. LOL.


What do you think? I’m very pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to doing the touch-up at least 3 months’ later.

I hope you also have access to this product, and have the braves to try it out for yourself and be amazed!


10 thoughts on “Hair Rebonding DIY – Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Review

    • it’s still rather straight now, though the underlying layers are starting to curl at the roots. i do have naturally slightly curly hair.

      Oh ya, it is somewhat drying. I can’t really tell if it’s from the product or just my hair quality though. But when I first used it I think I didn’t get the proportion right (i should have used more of the step 2 lotion).

      which brand did you use?


    • Hmm, what kind of result did you end up having?

      I used generous amounts of both solutions, and left them on slightly longer.. anyway this won’t give those pencil straight hair the salons have, it’s more like a natural straight hair.

      Also the type of solution bought may be a factor as well. I remembered there’s 2 kinds that the seller had, for coarse hair and damaged hair..


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