Cluster Lash Extension Review- Why It’s Not Recommended For Anyone

Warning: Do not do semi-permanent cluster lash extensions!! (those that last a week or so)

tl;dr: Perhaps try out lash by lash extensions instead. This procedure stick individual lash to your individual real lash, and is usually using better quality and lighter smoother lashes that will just drop off together with the natural life cycle of your real lashes.

In fact, my friend had no irritation after her first day and still has nice lashes 1 month in.

Anyway, do read on to find out my bad experience with cluster lashes.

I write this post with much annoyance, after my 1.5-2 hrs battle trying to remove cluster eyelashes, and enduring a week of prickly lashes.

In some countries beauty salons offer eyelash extensions on top of the usual manicure / pedicure and facials, even eyebrow embroidery etc. Likewise I had purchased an online coupon that allowed me to have a “lash extension” for a discounted price.

Only when I was in the midst of the session did I realise that it was a cluster lash extension. And the glue hurt like hell, making my eyes tear for a long while. And not to mention my eyes were irritated for the following week by the substandard lashes.

Well, some may say it’s perhaps the inferior glue/lousy thick & heavy lashes, but why would anyone (besides me, stupid girl) stick cluster lashes onto their real lashes? Keeping in mind that when your own lashes grow out at different rates it will be tugged by the very-cakey-and-glued cluster lashes and be pulled off. See below for an example:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Removing these lashes by yourself is a pain..lots of patience, time, baby oil or makeup remove is needed. I used a tweezer to break the dried glue into smaller bits so the cluster lashes can be taken out since the glue isn’t holding it firmly. Even so, there’re still lumps that remained on my eyelids.

And I inevidently also pulled out my own lashes. My poor already-sparse lashes!!

Never ever ever gonna be going near salon type of cluster lash extensions again.



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