Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Rose) Review

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I have the impression that innisfree products are mild with good quality, so it is with this Innisfree sheet mask in Rose.

Price: About 9000 won for 10 at Dongdaemun wholesale market basement area (shops sell it slightly higher)

Size is just right, liquid is not too thin and I didn’t really smell much scent. The masks I frequently use, Taiwan’s My Beauty Diary (MBD) masks are more scented and watery hence drips more.

Anyway I try to use sheet masks once a week (or 2 weeks) after bathing, and use the remaining essence on the rest of my body to make full use of the mask. Lol.

To me sheet masks shouldn’t be expensive, it should be something for hydration, that I can use 2 in a week and not feel my heart aching from the price. Masks like Innisfree and MBD is really good for that as it is really cheap (MBD is S$12-14 for 10). There’re plenty of cheap Korea brands of masks like Nature Republic, the Face Shop, and even this discount brand called Ekel.

When I had to clear expiring MBD masks in 2 weeks and was putting masks every few days, I realised my skin looked really supple.

So ladies, pamper yourselves with a mask this week!


4 thoughts on “Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Rose) Review

  1. Innisfree looks really promising. I am dying to try some of their products. Amazon in the US doesn’t really sell a lot of em. Some of their products have such unique packaging! Like their Soyabean Firming Serum which is kinda roll-on! Ooooh so fancy!! 😀


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