The Tiny Feline King

I’ve been really busy lately with the addition of a new fluff ball. He has immaculate sense of hearing/smell and will mew for food in the early morning when he somehow knows there’s someone behind the closed bedroom door. So yeap, my time has been used up as a feeder, litter cleaner and human mattress. I don’t even have the time to look at the loots from Etude House! But I shall soon!

This is his standard look, when he suddenly sees something of interest to explore or pound on while trying to keep hidden:


He absolutely hates baths and this is his most comfortable distance with the hairdryer after we towel-dried him but he was still half damp:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This boy has added much fun (and chores) into my life, but I still can’t get him to eat any dry food or treats no matter what I do (unless i grind the dry food up and add it to his wet food)..I wonder why?

His current menu:

  • Wellness Core (Kitten)
  • Schesir (Kitten range)
  • Orijen & Annamaet (which he doesn’t eat)



Urban Living – Chronic Lack of Sleep and Walking Speed

I envy those who have endless energy though they don’t sleep as much; I feel so sleep-deprived even with 7 hours of sleep and then get mildly annoyed when people say 7 hours of sleep is more than enough – everyone’s circadian rhythm is different and I happen to be one of those who functions at my best after 8 hours sleep and waking up after 9am lol. This must be why I always feel fatigued. It’ll be Christmas Day and a dream come true when I do manage to find a job that allows me to sleep in till 9am!

Anyway This article addresses why it’s advantageous to be one of those who requires little sleep: CNN: Superhuman or super sleepy.

Another thing I’m wondering is whether city people walk faster? I consider myself with average walking speed, but sometimes I get annoyed when slower folks block my path, either on the footpaths or on escalators. Sometimes I really don’t understand why the black sheeps stand still on the aisle that’s supposed to be for walking up/down. You know, the whole stand right, left is for overtaking idea on the escalator (only for where I am it’s stand left unless overtaking) perhaps there should be more public education on this?

Ah enough of the rant, I’m recently so busy because of the new feline joining my house of 2. I can’t decide if I want to be child-free, but that’s another post for another time !

Hope you guys out there are filled with natural energy!


Pet Scams

So recently I’m thinking of adopting a kitten from home owners, and went on postad, gumtree and locanto for a search. At one of these sites I found many listings of super adorable kittens with really affordable prices so I sent inquiries to a couple of them.

On receiving emails from 2 of them I started seeing the huge red flags.

Scammer 1 – Marisa Banks:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scammer 2 – Jocelyn Agnes:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was suspicious as both of them had similar sentence structure, and I found it odd that they were asking me where I was located – people living in my country will be unlikely to ask in that manner.

Anyway I did reply to one of them unfortunately and got this reply:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super weird, why did she list her location in my country then say she’s overseas? I have no interest in importing pets anyway. And I know for sure that importing pets will never be as fast as mere hours or that cheap, after all, all pets have to rightfully undergo some quarantine before they’re declared fit for travel.

And I went to look for these Users’ other ads, and found that they posted a lot of ads for many kittens from all corners of the country. Tell me which home owner will have 10-20 types of cats?

So anyway, the telltale signs of pet scammers are:

  • Many ads from that same poster of different breeds of pets
  • Based overseas or out of state
  • Asking for Western Union or Moneygram transfers etc
  • Reverse search of their pet’s pictures shows they’re grabbed from elsewhere
  • Always some story behind their reason for giving away the pet.

Honestly I hope these scammers fall flat and die. It’s just so wrong to scam people over their love for animals, those disgusting scums.

Bonus Scammer 3 – Nathasia Wastruw / Lilian Morater:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I emailed about kittens and he replied for puppies – scammer phails LOL.

By the way, the Facebook addresses show the profiles below, which is quite dubious (10 friends?). Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I reported the scammers on the ad website as well as Facebook, but I have to say I’m sorely disappointed about FB’s generic reply that they’ve contacted the person(s) about my report, without providing a comments box for me to type in why I’m certain they’re not the people in the photos. It really sucks that they don’t seem to place importance on curbing identity theft or scammers.

To end off, I’m linking 2 sites for further reading for anyone interested. There’s really too many of these heartless, spineless professional scammers out there these days.

One Pot Cooking – Electric Lunch Box and Thermo Pot

Honestly when i thought about writing this post I had my reservations, because I’m guessing not many people cook nowadays, and also my uses for the items are mainly for Asian food or Chinese Cuisine that makes use of steaming or boiling. But oh well, perhaps this will provide some inspiration to you babes out there for some simple meals!

Side story: I first got to know these cookers when I was frustrated with the lack of food choices at work – selection was bad and unhealthy as it was located in a secluded area. With the ELB I could cook a one-pot meal for dinner and bring the extras to work the next day. Also, technically you can also steam raw food at work if you have a pantry area.

I personally like to use Electric Lunch Box (ELB) and Thermo Pots to cook as I don’t really need to tend to it as I would over a open fire, hence as it cooks the food I can use the time to do other chores and come back to it.

So, what are Electric Lunch Boxes (ELB)?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Electric Lunch Boxes – What I have is circled (2 tiers)

I know ELB’s casing is plastic so I really don’t know if it’ll have any long-term devastation to my  health, but so far it’s not too bad I guess?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Inner pots for 2-tiers ELB. Also available in ceramic pots

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some easy recipes with ELB

Here’s a quick video on how to cook using an ELB:

Ok very quickly, below is the thermo pot I’m using, and the youtube video of how to use it (Btw they’re using Tiger which is really good but rather expensive)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway I wonder if any of you also have these cooking helpers in your house? Let me know!

Meanwhile, have a great week ahead!