Urban Living – Chronic Lack of Sleep and Walking Speed

I envy those who have endless energy though they don’t sleep as much; I feel so sleep-deprived even with 7 hours of sleep and then get mildly annoyed when people say 7 hours of sleep is more than enough – everyone’s circadian rhythm is different and I happen to be one of those who functions at my best after 8 hours sleep and waking up after 9am lol. This must be why I always feel fatigued. It’ll be Christmas Day and a dream come true when I do manage to find a job that allows me to sleep in till 9am!

Anyway This article addresses why it’s advantageous to be one of those who requires little sleep: CNN: Superhuman or super sleepy.

Another thing I’m wondering is whether city people walk faster? I consider myself with average walking speed, but sometimes I get annoyed when slower folks block my path, either on the footpaths or on escalators. Sometimes I really don’t understand why the black sheeps stand still on the aisle that’s supposed to be for walking up/down. You know, the whole stand right, left is for overtaking idea on the escalator (only for where I am it’s stand left unless overtaking) perhaps there should be more public education on this?

Ah enough of the rant, I’m recently so busy because of the new feline joining my house of 2. I can’t decide if I want to be child-free, but that’s another post for another time !

Hope you guys out there are filled with natural energy!


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