Photography app – BeautyCam

I’ve only been introduced to this app yesterday by a friend and I’m already sold.

I know there’s a lot of photography apps out there, and even instagram has pretty filters. But this babe is really quite something else.

It has different functions – beauty, makeup, video and special effects (“Pikapika”). So you’d take a selfie and the app automatically smooths and whitens your skin, and even add some makeup (where you can further reduce or adjust)! I ended up taking at least 10 selfies yesterday night when I first downloaded it. I totally felt like I instantly transformed into a Korean star (though I’m nowhere near that) on this app.

Try it! If you don’t like it you can always delete it later.

This app can be downloaded free at:

(By the way none of my posts are sponsored since this is just a small blog I’m keeping out of my own interest, and I doubt any sponsors will be interested in such an obscure blog like mine haha)


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