Eyebrow Embroidery

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L: Lower quality. R: Better quality

I mentioned in my previous post that I really regretted doing eyebrow embroidery, and I feel like I should elaborate so other lazy girls like me know what to look out for.

I had this rather cheap package for Gelish manicure with this neighbourhood shop rather far from my house around 1 hour plus away (it actually got transferred from another shop that closed down). So I was going for periodical manicures to finish using up my USD100 package (yes it’s really cheap) and besides it’s really not too bad. One fine day the beautician started selling eyebrow embroidery services, telling me how good her skills are having trained with a renowned upmarket branded shop, and saying how she can give me a good discount with really natural-looking brows. I could get 30% off the price and even offset part of it with my package etc.

Yes I got sold by the convenience of eyebrow embroidery and went for it, paying about USD340 thinking that my brows will look like the right picture. But no, as fate would have it, mine turned out like the botched version of the left picture.

And guess what, eyebrow embroideries come with 2 session, at the 1st one the beautician gave my right brow a too-high tail, and at my 2nd the other beautician botched the color. So now I’m still grappling with the aftermath of a set of so grey it looks black eyebrows that’s not very artfully done,  with ink that runs so it’s blurry now. This is already like 8 months in, and I hope it doesn’t last as long as it’s supposed to be, like 2 years?

Oh my. I really should have done it in Korea or Taiwan where I expect the skills will be better. @.@ I hope you girls out there have better experience!


Korea Haul – Eyeshadow & Eyebrows

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Hey people! It’s been a long time so here’s a quick review of the 2 eyeshadows I’ve got from Korea. I think both are pretty similar in that after spreading they are very subtle, and there’s a fine sparkle about them.

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I’ve also been using the Lioele brow pencil that I got for cheap, and also Etude House’s Color My Brows. I feel that the brow pencil is nothing much to speak of, it’s just a really normal pencil, though I like the angled pencil. For the EH Color My Brows, it’s a rich brown colour but I think I selected the wrong shade (bright brown) for my eyebrows (more closer to dark grey). I really regret embroidering my brows and wish the pigment will fade away really soon!