Fuss-Free Hair

I recently went to chop off 2 inches off my hair which is not that long anyway, but it’s a bit thick. So this time I also thinned the layers. I know many regard thick hair as being a sign of vitality, but mine was so thick especially at the back. lol now when I wash my hair I feel the lack of weight & length, and I know it sounds like a fetish but I’m so excited when I feel its airiness. haha! This length makes it so easy to dry too.

Now, I have natural curls that are not in the nice range. So I’m thinking I shall do another DIY hair straightening this weekend, and maybe post the results here! 😀

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have an even better New Year’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Fuss-Free Hair

    • Hi there! I would say it’s more like soft rebond using the cream (Shisedo if i recall correctly?). I didn’t have the professional type of hair straightening tool, and the seller also recommended to just comb through the hair. I prefer soft rebonding anyway lol though I’m thinking of trying to see if I can manage to do a slight curl inwards at the ends of my now shoulder-length hair ;p


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