Taiwan Buys

Well, just thought I’d share a snapshot of what I bought from my Taiwan trip (late post i know):

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Generally, these are some of the items that i purchased, and most of them are kind of available everywhere in shopping streets and night markets.

  • Bags from pgmall and skyblue shops are cheap.
  • Contact lens from Pegavision is also good from a friend’s recommendation.
  • Clothes follow the season, and cheap ones are like NT200 a pop
  • Shoe shops are aplenty too, and generally flats are cheap at NT200-390
  • Taiwan does stock up several Korean and Japan cosmetics, but these will be higher than if you get it directly from the source countries, of course. That’s kind of why I didn’t buy cosmetics.
  • Apparently this Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine (it’s a facial wipe) is really good for exfoliating, but I’ve not tried it yet.
  • Items like fake eyelashes “falsies”, and facial masks are cheap too. Some brands are My Beauty Diary, and My Scheming Masks. Generally one box of 10 can be as cheap as NT168-200
  • Please consider before buying electronics in TW. I bought a hairdryer on a whim, and then realised it’s 110V and incompatible with my country’s power. :/

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Anyway before I end this post, just like to promote the above item from my loots. I remember it’s cheap, and it really can pick out all the hairs from my hairbrush! I used to spend much time removing hair with my hands but it was so difficult. This tool seriously makes it a breeze. the metal hook thingys will catch the hairs and let you pull it off the brush easily.


Prelude to Sawadee Land aka Bangkok

SO excited!

I’ve been to Bangkok quite a few times because well, tickets to travel within SEA are usually cheap (think inter-state travel in USA, or budget flight within EU). It’s been 2 years since my last visit, and I just can’t wait for May this year where I’ll go again!

I don’t know why I’m unusually excited  about this place, as I had always just seen it as just another place for shopping. Anyway, like to share some of my planning.

For traveler SIM card, it’s really cheap to buy them at the Thailand airports. There’s even an option to purchase a set of 3 SIM cards! I’m intending to use internet for Uber/Grab rides, and also for realtime map. Gotta love technology~

AIS Website

Again i succumbed to the cheaper rates of Airbnb and booked a studio condo near Ratchathewi BTS (somewhere near Siam & Platinum Mall). I hope it’ll be nice.

I’ve always gone there for shopping and eating at Black Canyon Cafe, but I think for this trip I will also check out:

  • MK Gold (My friend raves about this)
  • Cat Cafe near Ratchathewi BTS
  • Night Streetfood opposite CentralWorld (This is da bomb!)

Generally, tourists stay in these areas:

  • Khao San Road for partygoers
  • Pratunam for cheap shopping (platinum mall, pratunam market)
  • Nearby BTS such as Ratchethewi, Nana, Silom, Chitlom etc for easy navigation to other areas

Shall update this when I can!