I’m just an average lazy working girl who is trying to find simpler solutions to life so I can sleep a couple more minutes every morning. My lifelong goal is to be able to work near home or from home, or not work at all!

I like to travel and waste my life away on YouTube videos; I also enjoy scouting out online cheap deals to fulfill my random whims and fancies.

I am freshly in my 30s although I still feel 21. I also have a newfound attraction to skincare and makeup.

Being from Asia, I know English, Mandarin, some Cantonese and rudimentary Japanese. I’m dreaming that one day my passion for languages will somehow help in my career. Well, if I really have to be working in order to fund my obsessive shopping.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. ❤ the bio! I can relate to you in so many ways. It would wonderful to not have to go to school or work. Online shopping is so fun and there are so many cheap things on eBay! What's best is not having to go out! XD I speak the same languages too! (except I only know very few Japanese words from anime.)


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