One Pot Cooking – Electric Lunch Box and Thermo Pot

Honestly when i thought about writing this post I had my reservations, because I’m guessing not many people cook nowadays, and also my uses for the items are mainly for Asian food or Chinese Cuisine that makes use of steaming or boiling. But oh well, perhaps this will provide some inspiration to you babes out there for some simple meals!

Side story: I first got to know these cookers when I was frustrated with the lack of food choices at work – selection was bad and unhealthy as it was located in a secluded area. With the ELB I could cook a one-pot meal for dinner and bring the extras to work the next day. Also, technically you can also steam raw food at work if you have a pantry area.

I personally like to use Electric Lunch Box (ELB) and Thermo Pots to cook as I don’t really need to tend to it as I would over a open fire, hence as it cooks the food I can use the time to do other chores and come back to it.

So, what are Electric Lunch Boxes (ELB)?

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Electric Lunch Boxes – What I have is circled (2 tiers)

I know ELB’s casing is plastic so I really don’t know if it’ll have any long-term devastation to my  health, but so far it’s not too bad I guess?

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Inner pots for 2-tiers ELB. Also available in ceramic pots

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Some easy recipes with ELB

Here’s a quick video on how to cook using an ELB:

Ok very quickly, below is the thermo pot I’m using, and the youtube video of how to use it (Btw they’re using Tiger which is really good but rather expensive)

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Anyway I wonder if any of you also have these cooking helpers in your house? Let me know!

Meanwhile, have a great week ahead!