Fuss-Free Hair

I recently went to chop off 2 inches off my hair which is not that long anyway, but it’s a bit thick. So this time I also thinned the layers. I know many regard thick hair as being a sign of vitality, but mine was so thick especially at the back. lol now when I wash my hair I feel the lack of weight & length, and I know it sounds like a fetish but I’m so excited when I feel its airiness. haha! This length makes it so easy to dry too.

Now, I have natural curls that are not in the nice range. So I’m thinking I shall do another DIY hair straightening this weekend, and maybe post the results here! 😀

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have an even better New Year’s Day!


Hair Rebonding DIY – Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Review

I’m so excited to share this find with you, cause it really works and it’s cheap!

Ever since I discovered the beauty of online shopping, I’ve been shunning the brick and mortar shops for my purchases. Previously it was shopping at sites like Ebay, then it became Qoo10 and TaoBao.

After all, why pay at least 50% more for shop owners to pay rent when I can save that for more hauls? lol. Not to mention that it’s so easy to shop online, and easier to make decisions as such sites have buyer reviews – with pictures even – for me to make more informed decisions.

Well back to the source of my excitement:

Shiseido Crystallizing Straightening Cream!

IMG_3153From Qoo10’s Ka Ra Shop.

Price: S$40 for a set that can last 2 rebonding at least, or 1 rebonding session with 2-3 roots touch-ups.

According to the seller this product is the same cream used in professional salons.

tl;dr: Get this if you want nice straight hair at the comfort of home!

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