The Tiny Feline King

I’ve been really busy lately with the addition of a new fluff ball. He has immaculate sense of hearing/smell and will mew for food in the early morning when he somehow knows there’s someone behind the closed bedroom door. So yeap, my time has been used up as a feeder, litter cleaner and human mattress. I don’t even have the time to look at the loots from Etude House! But I shall soon!

This is his standard look, when he suddenly sees something of interest to explore or pound on while trying to keep hidden:


He absolutely hates baths and this is his most comfortable distance with the hairdryer after we towel-dried him but he was still half damp:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This boy has added much fun (and chores) into my life, but I still can’t get him to eat any dry food or treats no matter what I do (unless i grind the dry food up and add it to his wet food)..I wonder why?

His current menu:

  • Wellness Core (Kitten)
  • Schesir (Kitten range)
  • Orijen & Annamaet (which he doesn’t eat)