Lash by Lash Extension

So I bought a local Groupon package for S$22 (16 USD) with a beauty shop in Orchard Road, for an introductory offer for a lash-by-lash extension. I’ve done cluster lash extensions before and thoroughly regretted spending the money, so this time round I only bought the voucher as my colleague is visiting this shop as well, and I see her nice results.

Read on till the end for my personal disclaimer!

Anyway, here are my results:

The shop’s name is Browtisan. Anyway the “young girl in 20s” on the website’s front page is totally photoshopped; the owner in person looks older than that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pardon my obviously, crazily smoothed & whitened skin using photo apps – I’m that self-conscious hahaha.

Main focus is my lashes! ^-^ i LOVE it! it’s much thicker & longer than my natural lashes (made more sparse from the lousy cluster extension), and I feel pretty with these lashes (and BeautyCam)! Not to mention makeup becomes easier as I didn’t have to use mascara or eyeliner for the time the lashes are on me.

My cheap voucher only entitled me to the “natural” category of lash extensions, which was around 100-150 for 2 eyes (aka 50-60 for each). Anyway the beautician claimed she will tend to add on more lashes to account for those that will undergo natural fallout. The whole process was around 1 hour, and I actually dozed off like 2 times and erm, made those pig snorting sounds as my nose was blocked & I was breathing through my mouth @.@ hahaha!

Oh anyway in the end I paid another S$315 (USD 226) for 3 sessions that will come with moisturising eye mask instead of tape (these things tug at your eyes and will cause sagging I suppose?). I find it slightly unethical that they only told me about the charging of the 7% GST (Goods & Services Tax) AFTER I agreed to buy the package. tsk tsk. Usually the salons I go to don’t come up with GST addon after the customer agrees to buy the package.

That is one good reason why I’m not going back after my 3 sessions finishes, and not like I can afford many $100+ lash extensions all the time lol. I’m just a normal working girl. I do like it that I can just wake up and look even slightly prettier without doing anything – suits my lazy motto. LOL.

Now for the disclaimer: it does seem like not everyone is meant for such splurging. I didn’t feel any irritation from the glue’s vapour on the first day, but in the week plus that followed sometimes I’d suddenly get the sharp pain in my eyes when I yawn (which is a lot as I’m always sleep deprived lol). My other 2 colleagues who did it at the same place had little to no side effects at all.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I do see a couple of places that offer cheap 1st trials, and even just cheap rates:

First Trials:

Corene Nail Spa (Facebook)

Green Beauty Solutions

Nett prices:

Allure Secrets

Or, you can always look out for deals that specify “lash-by-lash extension”.

Never go for cluster extensions! 😀



Cluster Lash Extension Review- Why It’s Not Recommended For Anyone

Warning: Do not do semi-permanent cluster lash extensions!! (those that last a week or so)

tl;dr: Perhaps try out lash by lash extensions instead. This procedure stick individual lash to your individual real lash, and is usually using better quality and lighter smoother lashes that will just drop off together with the natural life cycle of your real lashes.

In fact, my friend had no irritation after her first day and still has nice lashes 1 month in.

Anyway, do read on to find out my bad experience with cluster lashes.

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