Pet Scams

So recently I’m thinking of adopting a kitten from home owners, and went on postad, gumtree and locanto for a search. At one of these sites I found many listings of super adorable kittens with really affordable prices so I sent inquiries to a couple of them.

On receiving emails from 2 of them I started seeing the huge red flags.

Scammer 1 – Marisa Banks:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Scammer 2 – Jocelyn Agnes:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was suspicious as both of them had similar sentence structure, and I found it odd that they were asking me where I was located – people living in my country will be unlikely to ask in that manner.

Anyway I did reply to one of them unfortunately and got this reply:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super weird, why did she list her location in my country then say she’s overseas? I have no interest in importing pets anyway. And I know for sure that importing pets will never be as fast as mere hours or that cheap, after all, all pets have to rightfully undergo some quarantine before they’re declared fit for travel.

And I went to look for these Users’ other ads, and found that they posted a lot of ads for many kittens from all corners of the country. Tell me which home owner will have 10-20 types of cats?

So anyway, the telltale signs of pet scammers are:

  • Many ads from that same poster of different breeds of pets
  • Based overseas or out of state
  • Asking for Western Union or Moneygram transfers etc
  • Reverse search of their pet’s pictures shows they’re grabbed from elsewhere
  • Always some story behind their reason for giving away the pet.

Honestly I hope these scammers fall flat and die. It’s just so wrong to scam people over their love for animals, those disgusting scums.

Bonus Scammer 3 – Nathasia Wastruw / Lilian Morater:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I emailed about kittens and he replied for puppies – scammer phails LOL.

By the way, the Facebook addresses show the profiles below, which is quite dubious (10 friends?). Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I reported the scammers on the ad website as well as Facebook, but I have to say I’m sorely disappointed about FB’s generic reply that they’ve contacted the person(s) about my report, without providing a comments box for me to type in why I’m certain they’re not the people in the photos. It really sucks that they don’t seem to place importance on curbing identity theft or scammers.

To end off, I’m linking 2 sites for further reading for anyone interested. There’s really too many of these heartless, spineless professional scammers out there these days.