Korea Haul – Iope BB Cushion Matte 23 & Etude House Face Blur Review

Hello Beautiful!

In this post I will give my thoughts about 2 products: Etude House Face Blur and Iope BB Cushion since they’re what I classify inside “foundation” category.

tl;dr: Both products are worth your money to try out.

First up, Etude House Face Blur:

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This is a raved product. A light cream that spreads easily, this pinkish beige cream can be easily blended onto any skin colour. Usually I will apply toner and a light moisturiser on my clean face, then apply the Face Blur cream. It covers my pores but not my scars, so a BB cream or concealer is still needed for areas needing coverage.

My verdict: Well, I like the lightness of this cream and that it doesn’t feel sticky in the perennial Summer and humid climate I’m in. Lovely!

Price: Roughly S$20+? I got it for S$15.

Next, Iope BB Cushion in Matte 23:

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Another very much raved product, Iope BB Cushion is a very popular cushion foundation in Korea, with the dewy versions being the most popular – Iope BB Cushion XP. The one I have is the matter version, slightly less dewy but still retains the moisture. I chose the matter version as my country is really humid so a dewy version will technically make my face look oily in no time.

So, tropical and humid climate  – Matte; Dry climate – Natural or Cover XP.

Briefly, you will use the special cushion puff and press it onto the sponge to get the product out, then pat it in gentle motions on your face (do not rub it like the usual liquid foundations).

When I apply it to my face, it gives a cooling sensation and it is also very easy to pat it onto my skin. However in terms of coverage it’s not spectacular, perhaps cause I didn’t really dare to press too hard into the sponge. I usually do light makeup and I find it really user-friendly, and the big mirror makes it easy to see where i should apply it.

My verdict: I can see how it is one of the popular and affordable cushion foundations people go for (it comes with a refill too!). Works well like what it’s supposed to do so i’m happy with it!

Price: S$30+? (2 Cushions + 1 remover set cost around 60,000 won in Korea if i remember correctly)

That said, I’m still looking for the holy grail products to make my not-perfect skin look blemish-free and porcelain-like, like how i always notice some ladies look like on the streets.

More things to buy, i foresee!