Food shared is always tastier than eaten alone

I’m munching on a fried squid skewer stick I bought at Old Chung Kee (a common chain shop selling plenty of fried stuff), and I seriously think the skewer tasted way better when I “stole” bites out of my husband’s, right from the first bite.

How weird is that?


Lash by Lash Extension

So I bought a local Groupon package for S$22 (16 USD) with a beauty shop in Orchard Road, for an introductory offer for a lash-by-lash extension. I’ve done cluster lash extensions before and thoroughly regretted spending the money, so this time round I only bought the voucher as my colleague is visiting this shop as well, and I see her nice results.

Read on till the end for my personal disclaimer!

Anyway, here are my results:

The shop’s name is Browtisan. Anyway the “young girl in 20s” on the website’s front page is totally photoshopped; the owner in person looks older than that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pardon my obviously, crazily smoothed & whitened skin using photo apps – I’m that self-conscious hahaha.

Main focus is my lashes! ^-^ i LOVE it! it’s much thicker & longer than my natural lashes (made more sparse from the lousy cluster extension), and I feel pretty with these lashes (and BeautyCam)! Not to mention makeup becomes easier as I didn’t have to use mascara or eyeliner for the time the lashes are on me.

My cheap voucher only entitled me to the “natural” category of lash extensions, which was around 100-150 for 2 eyes (aka 50-60 for each). Anyway the beautician claimed she will tend to add on more lashes to account for those that will undergo natural fallout. The whole process was around 1 hour, and I actually dozed off like 2 times and erm, made those pig snorting sounds as my nose was blocked & I was breathing through my mouth @.@ hahaha!

Oh anyway in the end I paid another S$315 (USD 226) for 3 sessions that will come with moisturising eye mask instead of tape (these things tug at your eyes and will cause sagging I suppose?). I find it slightly unethical that they only told me about the charging of the 7% GST (Goods & Services Tax) AFTER I agreed to buy the package. tsk tsk. Usually the salons I go to don’t come up with GST addon after the customer agrees to buy the package.

That is one good reason why I’m not going back after my 3 sessions finishes, and not like I can afford many $100+ lash extensions all the time lol. I’m just a normal working girl. I do like it that I can just wake up and look even slightly prettier without doing anything – suits my lazy motto. LOL.

Now for the disclaimer: it does seem like not everyone is meant for such splurging. I didn’t feel any irritation from the glue’s vapour on the first day, but in the week plus that followed sometimes I’d suddenly get the sharp pain in my eyes when I yawn (which is a lot as I’m always sleep deprived lol). My other 2 colleagues who did it at the same place had little to no side effects at all.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I do see a couple of places that offer cheap 1st trials, and even just cheap rates:

First Trials:

Corene Nail Spa (Facebook)

Green Beauty Solutions

Nett prices:

Allure Secrets

Or, you can always look out for deals that specify “lash-by-lash extension”.

Never go for cluster extensions! 😀


Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer – After thoughts

After using the EH Big Cover Cushion Concealer for a few times, I find that I like the brightening effect it brings. After dabbing onto my under eyes, I’d use an inspired beauty blender to blend it out. (Anyway i guess the real blender isn’t this rock hard ?)


Yesterday when I used it as I had a wedding to attend, and the sponge part of the concealer disintegrated into pieces and fell off! Omg. I’ve never read of that happening on any blog post before.

Was it because I didn’t use it enough? Didn’t dry it before I capped it? Hmm anyhow now my cushion concealer has turned into a cushionless – normal – concealer lol.


Photography app – BeautyCam

I’ve only been introduced to this app yesterday by a friend and I’m already sold.

I know there’s a lot of photography apps out there, and even instagram has pretty filters. But this babe is really quite something else.

It has different functions – beauty, makeup, video and special effects (“Pikapika”). So you’d take a selfie and the app automatically smooths and whitens your skin, and even add some makeup (where you can further reduce or adjust)! I ended up taking at least 10 selfies yesterday night when I first downloaded it. I totally felt like I instantly transformed into a Korean star (though I’m nowhere near that) on this app.

Try it! If you don’t like it you can always delete it later.

This app can be downloaded free at:

(By the way none of my posts are sponsored since this is just a small blog I’m keeping out of my own interest, and I doubt any sponsors will be interested in such an obscure blog like mine haha)

Random thoughts on Travel

I was just thinking, as I’m from South East Asia (SEA) I’m pretty accustomed to travelling in this region (Malaysia, Bangkok, Indonesia) and also Taiwan & Hong Kong, so much so that I actually don’t really think much about planning for these trips. Now I wonder if I should have a short guide for each of these countries for the similar lazy souls out there..


One Day in Tokyo

Many months back I had a long-ish break before my next job, so I signed up for an interesting “job”, as an OBC, or On Board Courier.

Basically there are some businesses that require immediate, next day, hand delivery service, and OBC companies come in to fulfill that gap that other delivery companies can’t. This is because the OBC will be activated to fly on the same day to the venue.

Well since it’s always going to be such a short notice thing, in the end I only was lucky enough to do it once. Oh well. In any case for an OBC the perks are frequent flyer miles, some allowance and free flight to the destination you cannot really choose – I guess it’s good if you’re a retiree or student, and have some countries you really want to visit. Sometimes it’s possible to extend a trip on your own expense with the OBC company.

It’s definitely a plus if you know multiple languages and hold a passport that’s visa-exempt to many countries. I only know 3, and Japanese is not one of them sadly. I only took a basic short course for it.

Anyway, for me I got a Whatsapp message around 9 am, and around 10 pm the same night I was on my way to Japan – Tokyo. There’s quite a lot of communication needed as I also had to communicate with the agents, and take photographs of the parcel(s) whenever possible.

By 9 am the next morning I was in Tokyo Narita Airport and done with my courier work. I had around 8-9 hours before my flight home, so I decided to head down to Shibuya for a very short sightseeing.

I remembered heading to a counter to buy an airport express train to Ueno Station before walking the underground tunnel to transit to another line in order to reach Shibuya. Japan metro system is rather comprehensive and easy to navigate, although once I reached the station itself it’s more complicated to find my way out onto ground floor and into the sun.

I have to mention that toilets at the mall are small but clean and cosy!

Anyway for a Japan guide you can visit this website:

By Keisei Skyliner
1 transfer, 65 minutes, 2400-2670 yen, 2 connections per hour
Take the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport to Nippori Station (about 40 minutes, 2470 yen) and transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to get to Shinjuku Station (20 minutes, 200 yen). There are connections every 20-40 minutes. If purchased in advance online or via a travel agent outside of Japan, foreign tourists can ride the Skyliner for just 2200 yen.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ueno Station. I was approached by Japanese students doing an English survey – I think something related to tourism?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I very randomly window shopped in Shibuya, while getting slightly lost in the many buildings and shops.

Shibuya’s guide:

Many of the cafes as well as the airport train have complimentary wifi, there I read that Don Quijote is quite a good place for cheap and good things to buy – apparently it’s raved among tourists as a place to visit!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The famous Shibuya crossing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Interesting facade of a shop

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ramen from a shop located underground

I asked a random lady if it’s nice and she said it was, but it turned out rather salty and not that nice. I guess she was just too polite to tell a tourist the truth lol.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Interesting motivational sign at the shop

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some souvenirs at the airport before flying back

I ended up feeling jet-lagged the next day, and wished I had extended my trip. Oh well. lol. Would love to go for another OBC trip again, it was rather exciting. And funny too, I kept telling the airport customs staff in my basic Japanese that I totally suck in it and I don’t understand them, but they continued speaking to me in Japanese @.@ I wished I had attended more classes then..

Korea Haul – Lipsticks Review

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Hello all!

Wow it’s been a really long time since my last update! Above are the lipsticks from my haul from my last trip in Korea – from L-R:

Missha Lasting Paint Tint (Red Poncho), Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK005, Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk OR201, Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #23, Etude House Balm Color Tint #4, The Saem Kissholic Lipstick M in PK02. I also swatched at the extreme right my current go-to lipstick as a comparison, Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF15 in Pink Glisten.

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF15 in Pink Glisten

For a long time I’ve been using this lipstick as it has a nice pink tone to it, nothing too glaring. It also has the right amount of moisture and doesn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive lips. However I kind of went crazy at Seoul and wanted some variety with my lipstick collection, although I did ask myself after buying them – a tad too late – how many lips do I have to need to buy so many lipsticks. LOL. Well I can say the same for my eyes too.

Avoid Korea at all cost if you are vulnerable to cheap and cute cosmetics! 😀

Anyway here goes the long review of my lipsticks haul:

Missha Lasting Paint Tint (Red Poncho)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This was actually my last lipstick bought in Seoul. I vaguely remembered I had bought many pinkish shades so I thought I’d get a red one. The color for this is very intense, glides well and is moisturising. I love it! There’s also a tint effect to it, so after the initial shiny gloss wears off there will be a nice tint left behind.

I do still feel a little hesitation to wear my whole lips red though, my teeth aren’t white so having my lips red will tend to make my teeth look more yellowish. Hence I’m only wearing it as a gradient lipstick for now. I do have high hopes for it though, perhaps to wear it full red for a night out. *wink*

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk PK005

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When I swatched this on my wrist I really thought it’s a moisturising and nice pink shade. However in real life, it’s not shiny like in the picture. And worse, I’m not sure why but on my lips it flakes. OMG. I tried to apply some vaseline before this lipstick but nope, it still flakes. It’s similar to what happens with the next lipstick…

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk OR201

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Again, like the “sister” lipstick above, this lipstick looks so dainty and pretty in its casing and on swatchd on my wrist, however on my lips it flaked again.

I hate my sensitive dry lips 😦

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #23

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ok I have to be honest, this is one I haven’t really worn much.

It’s a matte kind of tint and it has a buttery consistency. when I tested it on my lips it doesn’t cause flaking, which is good! However I’m wondering if I chose the wrong shade as orange doesn’t seem to look flattering on me. hmm.

Etude House Balm Color Tint #4

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I Love this too! It’s like a cheaper version of Laneige Gradient Lipstick. This lip balm is so easy to apply and subtle enough for everyday use. I do have to be slightly careful not to smudge the lines too much though.

The Saem Kissholic Lipstick M in PK02

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a somewhat matte dull pink lipstick colour, also really suitable for everyday wear including during work.

What’s your favourite lipstick? Any shade recommendations for My Lips But Better (MLBB) look?

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekends dearies!


Dove Hair Set & Babyliss Ionic Hair Brush GWP

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I’m so excited to share this!

I saw my friend’s Facebook post about a GWP (Gift with Purchase) promotion for Dove, where she bought Dove’s Nutritive Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner and it came with a free Babyliss Ionic Hair Brush, all for the price of S$21.90!

I knew I had to get this! I know, I’m an auntie (a term for middle-aged woman who, in this context, loves to scout for best / free deals) at heart. I suppose different countries are running different promotions for Dove, I heard for Malaysia it’s another kind of brush.

Anyway, after scouring 4 shops I finally saw and grabbed my own set. My main focus is actually on the free gift so I have yet to try the new Dove products. Lol.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Babyliss Ionic Brush


The Babyliss Ionic Brush is touted to have frizz control and conditioning ions, and operates with 2 AAA batteries which are included. Although they claim that this brush cost S$59, it looks more like it should cost not more than S$30. It is housed in plastic casing, light and has a hole in the middle supposedly to allow ions to go through.

My first thoughts? It’s definitely a good buy especially that it’s FREE, never mind the actual performance of the brush. But I’d say it’s not too bad. My hair does look more tamed and slightly shinier, though I don’t know how much of that is placebo effect. Haha. I shall wait and see.

Oh! By the way there are different versions of the Dove set, I saw the anti-hairfall and the damage care series. If you’re interested in that anyway. lol.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

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Hello dearies! Sorry for the absence.. have been busy with being lazy. hah!

Anyway, from a recent short overseas trip I picked up the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask from the duty free at Changi Airport for around S$22.

It’s supposed to be a gentle yet moisturising exfoliator for your lips while you sleep.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s actually about half the size of their Laneige Sleeping Mask (which is another super great hydrating product) and it comes with an applicator.

Unfortunately I’ve really sensitive lips after visiting Europe 6 years ago for my graduate trip (woohoo~!), and I’ve been trying to find the most soothing lip product ever since because my lips tend to get red and swollen / itchy ever so often. As such I seldom wear lipsticks or worse, those drying matte kinds.

My first try for this product isn’t that great, as my lips turned a little swollen the next morning, though it wasn’t itchy or having any allergic reaction. I had to then apply some lip balm after wiping the lip mask off. Perhaps I should try it again.

My husband on the other hand, highly rates it because this actually moisturised his dry chapped lips (from staying under hot sun for the whole day).

So maybe you should buy it for your other halves! 😀

Korean Makeup Review: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion

Good day dearies! It’s one more day to Friday, finally! Weekends are soooOooOoO hard to reach. Anyway, sometime back I ordered some Korean products online and I got to try out one of them, so here’s a short review on it.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Behind: Innisfree Dualcara Mascara, EH Moistfull Collagen Emulsion & Play Color Eyes in Ice Van. Front: Missha’s Style Perfect Concealer + Under Eye Brightener

Review: EH Moistfull Collagen Emulsion

Price: S$15.50Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis product is opaque and milky, and does moisturize rather well yet doesn’t give me any breakouts. It’s 180ml but I use a coin size of it every time so I guess it can last pretty long?

However it seems to be more suitable as a night cream because it does tend to feel very slightly sticky and shiny. I’d bought this intending to use it as a moisturizer before my foundation but perhaps I should’ve chosen the Moistfull Essence instead – think it’s closer to the Innisfree Green Tea Serum gel texture that’s less oily.

Lol nevertheless I’m still using this as a morning cream, and I’ve been too lazy to wear any makeup to work recently. Hah!